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ASSA CAFE, a culinary interlude

Situated just opposite the Seine, between the Pont Notre Dame and New Bridge, ASSA CAFE is a place evoking well-being, simplicity and sharing time for a lunch break or for a moment of conviviality. Healthy, light and respectful of your nutritional balance, ASSA CAFE presents a healthy cuisine inspired by the best of Japanese culinary art. Thanks to the freshness and the selection of the products that compose it, ASSA CAFE’s cuisine is pure, just and modern concentrating flavors at once simple and refined. Cozy place, with the Japanese atmosphere, this intimate place, loaded with good energies will delight your taste buds and take care of you thanks to its trendy “healthy” menu.

Our specialty: our delicious bentos!

The bento traditionally prepared by Japanese moms for their children and their husbands. This specialty is characterized by a box whose extremely neat composition mixes colors, flavors, fragrances instinctively offering a perfect harmony of diet. Practical, simple and tasty, bento is still very popular in Japan: it allows everyone to eat quickly, anywhere, a healthy, balanced meal and is clearly part of a responsible diet.
It is with passion that Assa café draws on this treasure of Japanese cuisine by highlighting the philosophy of bento in its menu. Assa coffee remains faithful to the principle of this specialty while revisiting it to give it a new trend: natural and light creations, thought for a health purpose, fresh products, which will decline throughout the season according to Our inspirations and vegetable gardens!

Get to know us better…

Our Team

Passionate, Sincere, Precise Gestures, a single objective: the satisfaction of the customer.

Our Cuisine

Creative and Innovative, a seductive experience :  linking nutrition and health 

Our Spirit

Respectful of nature, seasons, a goal:  reveal the nutritional potential in your meal


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